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Diatom mud were much diatomaceous earth [is appropriate]
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So how diatom mud containing much diatomaceous earth is appropriate?

Diatomaceous earth content is a commercial secret?

According to the survey, and it did not release the content of this diatom mud diatom mud test reports on major business website. In Baidu, diatom mud was asked how much content as well, some businesses with "diatomaceous earth material is cheap" "good or bad has nothing to do with diatomaceous earth" and other reasons to avoid the answer, more businesses to "commercial confidentiality" as an excuse refuse to answer.

After much looking, reporters finally found a diatomaceous earth content of the test report in Honor of a diatom mud in the official website. Detecting an amount of 34.5%. This diatom mud, general manager, said: "diatom mud functionality of its content and diatomite diatomite formulations decision diatom mud formulations can not be public, but the content of diatomaceous earth to a certain extent It shows the quality diatom mud. "

Reporters inquiry formally implemented September 1, 2013 of "diatom mud decorative wall material" found diatomite component should "be detected." The reason why there is no specific number indicated, because the quality of products in the unit, if it can detect the composition of diatomaceous earth, then it said it accounted for at least 10%, which meet the basic requirements.

However, above this diatom mud, general manager, he said: "In accordance with the State Key Laboratory of Green Building Materials Discipline Lead Professor Ji Zhijiang Technical Committee on diatom mud definitive guide diatom mud diatomaceous earth content of 30% to 35%, which is the most comprehensive and stable.

Diatomite is not equal to the content of silica content

Search diatom mud, diatom mud Baidu Encyclopedia describes a kind of diatomaceous earth as the main raw material composite green decorative interior wall material made of the material. Diatom mud diatomaceous earth and the main ingredients are silica filler, but the structure of diatomite silica and other structures silica filler material is different. In the high-power electron microscope display, can be seen above the surface of diatomite in countless tiny pores, a porosity of 90%, a specific surface area of up to 65㎡ / g, is a natural nanomaterials; it is this prominent molecular sieve structure, determines its unique features - has a strong physical adsorption and ion exchange properties, coupled with non-combustible properties of the silica, diatomaceous earth having to regulate humidity, air purification, thermal insulation, fire retardant, sound-absorbing drop noise and other functions. The other filler material is not silica zeolite having a structure, nor Diatomite wetlands and other powerful features.

As environmental protection wall material diatom mud most fundamental attribute of this is the use of diatomite silica zeolite structure of its strong physical properties. Therefore, Eco-friendly functionality diatom mud is mainly relying on molecular sieve structure diatomaceous earth, rather than simply referring to the silica!

In the end even if the mud containing 92.5% diatomaceous silica, but also ordinary putty powder containing silica, the glass also contains silica, silica does not have such a molecular sieve structure, and diatomaceous earth silica of the same name was different, it is the business advantage of this, one concept, the diatomaceous earth content, and replaced with silica content, many consumers confused and disoriented.