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Legend Riverside diatomaceous earth, "Celite origin"
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Legend Riverside diatomaceous earth, "Celite origin"

Fire in the building materials market, most building materials than diatom mud, we all know diatom mud raw material is diatomaceous earth, do not know about diatomaceous earth has a beautiful legend.
A long time ago, there is a Riverside Mountain in Jilin Province, the foot of a pair of Erdaogou poor couple who has a child, but the child infirm, and eye diseases. A family of three from the earth against the tenant advocate Flayer where few mouthfuls thin live. Hard throughout the year, through rain and wind, and finally lay a few grains, but Chang Flayer account doubled, abacus rang, they scrape a half, they rely on vegetables, sweet potatoes and other live, life miserable .
Although the days of hard, but a special person's heart good to hear someone do nothing to boil, they would rather starve themselves, but also to save a point rations sent. Thus, the villagers have said they are "kind of Liu."
One winter, the weather is particularly cold, north wind came like a knife scraping person. On this day early in the morning, strong winds and windy, snowflakes, Liu man is holding a bundle of firewood, ready to former village of a high lonely old woman's house. She opened the door and saw a gray-haired old man lying under the eaves, this ragged old man, his face sallow, shivering in the cold, kept his mouth uttered anguished call sounds.
Liu men met, and hurried down the firewood, stepped forward to help the old man into the house. As he broke off his jacket, draped in old man who, while Manghan wife down to a bowl of hot water.
Liu man asked: "Old man, you're this big cold days which village out what to do??"
The old man sighed deeply, replied:. "I lived in a very far away, because the landlord Lao Cai forced no choice but to go out to vote pro, did not think ill here," one man, busy comfort, said: "the old man, you Moji, sick, and now in my home to recuperate, and so good, and opened the spring and then go!"
The old man nodded touched. At this time, his wife Liu side to a bowl of hot water, to the old man in front of it and asked him to drink to warm you up. The old man shook his head and said: "I am really hungry too much, drink a bowl of porridge, I wonder if there?"
The couple listened, feel embarrassed, because their home migang, long empty, what could porridge it? Sheng wife was going straight to the old man said, but she saw the man looks like old man suffering hunger, hearts could not bear, a pull on the dark his wife, went into the kitchen, quietly said: "You go home by Zhang Flayer a liter of rice , the old man porridge to drink. "she had to be a wife Zhang Flayer home by meters, shocked! Lift this Flayer, keening, who did not know he was a vampire leech bite is the bite deeper, is not saturated with blood refuses to relent. Who dared his house to borrow something.
Liu men see his wife hesitated, then pushed her and asked her to go.
Wife borrowed rice, porridge man fire, and soon afterwards, a big bowl of fragrant, hot gruel ended in front of the old man. The old man saw him, too rude, took one breath porridge and drank it.
Oddly enough, the old man put a bowl of drink, the original brown face, suddenly rosy, the spirit was good, too, the disease seems vanished. At this time, the old man stood up, the broken man jacket back to Liu, said: "You really worthy of the name: Liu kind I have nothing to repay you, I'm gone, you can Matsuyama southeast to the village after. on top of it to dig a deep breath Hong eighty-one hoe, then, there is a way to repay Zhang stripped of a liter of rice. "the old man saying this, heels and left.
Liu couple listened, feeling very strange, they thought: old man lying in the house, how will they know Previous skinned family borrowed rice? Could not he be a god? Until the couple out of the house again, and that the old man had disappeared.
Returned to the house, Liu couples really taken up the hoe, on top of the hill southeast of the village, struggling to lift hoe dug up. A hoe, hoe ...... two thirty, forty nine eighty ...... when it dug a hoe, a miracle happened: The dark soil that, look into a shining white, Liu man with hands up , pinch, Kazakhstan, soft honking, like the glutinous rice flour, as in Pengdao tip of the nose to smell, actually tasty, pinch into his mouth a little taste, but also a sweetness, with really glutinous rice flour exactly.
Oh, bad music Liu couple. They think of poor people in the village are suffering hunger, excitedly ran back to the village, the people call the poor to provoke large baskets, buckets bustling came to the top of the hill, and everyone involved, hoe it, and dug, loaded Yeah, pick it, digging a layer, immediately and grow a ...... At this time, the poor people of that joy strength would not have said it!
Poor people would happily "glutinous flour" pick their home is sometimes made dumplings sometimes do cake, really the same as the Chinese New Year.
This matter was Zhang Flayer know. He hurriedly climbed the hill and saw the loose, Qiaode eyes are red, mouth too greedy. He took a bunch of retainers called dogleg, surrounded by a riverside hill, down the hill to catch the poor people, and around the nail, "Zhang House" wooden plaque, Hill said it was his ancestral home of Baoshan, who will and then to the mountain to dig glutinous rice flour, it is necessary to send officials investigate and deal with.
Moreover, Zhang Flayer as people dug a big basket, carried home to do gnocchi, gnocchi well, Zhang Flayer call the family to the front hall, his hand pulling his whiskers, proudly said: "Today my treat, we try to eat, eat, and we can also dig up the mountain. ha ha! this time I can be a fortune, "said Zhang Pa belt head to eat.
Zhang Flayer wholeness swallowed a mouthful dumplings, rice balls just off the belly, hands cupped to his stomach, OMG! Mother fell to the ground to roll playing. Before people go home to see, where there is any gnocchi, a bowl full of rice balls into a ball of mud, Zhang Flayer belly a block of stone, till he call heaven and earth is called, has been referred to the dawn, he will be alive Tengsi .
Zhang Flayer death, Riverside mountain men and women can be happy. Liu led the couple and the poor people on the mountain, to the top of the hill and saw that originally dug out "rice powder" all become mud. At this time, the more we hate Zhang Pa skin.
That evening, the old man who Tuomeng Liu couple, told them: Go and dig a basket of mud hill, with the mud wall house wipes, will ease your child's disease, eye problems will not repeat, you can also the mud sell the home to someone else.
The next day, the couple according to Liu old man's instructions to wipe the wall with mud again, said to have magical mud that there is a very peculiar aroma mud house cool, refreshing smell, they child's body also feel comfortable a lot, his eyes were not bad.
They put their house neighbors walls are wiped again, found that the mud is really amazing, so each household began to wipe the wall, they also sell mud town even further afield, the mud gradually It spreads down. Until modern science and technology development, testing out one of the ingredients was officially named diatomaceous earth.