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Riverside diatomaceous earth, diatomite called diatom mud just add it?
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Riverside diatomaceous earth, diatomite called diatom mud just add it?

               With the continuous improvement of people's material life, people are more and more attention to health, food, medical care, air quality, environmental protection and human health are closely related industry ushered in a new development opportunities. The industry needs to further standardize the management, there are a lot of contradictions and crisis of confidence between the supplier and the consumer. However, people's health, environmental protection requirements will inevitably become the driving force in the future development of the industry for a long period of time.
         Currently, decoration pollution problems also more and more consumer attention. Consumers urgent need for a safe, healthy product to create a safe and comfortable living environment. Diatom mud emerged, Yun Feng diatom mud is also under such an environment has been rapid growth, and I seriously do their own brand names.
         So many of the traditional wall materials related businesses began eyeing a piece of cake. Have additional equipment, began to make a transition diatom mud production. However, diatom mud product development after all, not on the paint laced with diatomaceous earth to become a so-called diatom mud, but not use some putty powder coatings and mortar formulations can be made out of something called silicon algae mud. Diatom mud is not added diatomaceous earth can be more than a rubber wall, nor is the more glue plus more strong, this is a misunderstanding.